Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility

Our ethos is built on the guiding principle that equity in resource and rights allocation must be present across all strata of society and beings. As a part of this social fabric we believe that being a model world citizen is more than the just the letters ESG.

We believe in giving back to society by aligning with causes that we can help to balance out the negative social externalities of economic transactions.

As our first CSR initiative, we have decided to actively support reforestation to offset carbon footprint. We have started our journey of creating forests by working with Evertreen to plant trees in India.

As per Evertreen, by empowering local communities to take charge of reforestation projects, these initiatives create a sense of ownership and responsibility. The result is not only carbon sequestration but also the development of sustainable ecosystems.

Follow us as we grow our forest by planting one tree at a time in the link below: